Under The Full Moon 






Mama ICELAND with her majestic waterfalls and liberating vastness is calling on us radiant souls to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing and empowerment on her sacred grounds. To walk through her temple gates with open hearts and the willingness to awaken to our truest most authentic selves.




Embrace Your Essence is a very special Sacred Iceland event as participants will be journeying with three soulful women leaders from the same family ~ 


Sóley, the founder of Sacred Iceland and spiritual journey guide


Her sister Thórey, yoga and yoga dance teacher, sound healer and tour guide


Their mother Helga, registered nurse, re-birthing facilitator and intuitive artist who has for over 30 years offered her Colors of Light art workshop which participants will enjoy on September 15th.


Every aspect of our precious Mother Earth is sacred. Each country vibrates its distinctive frequency and by doing so, contributes to the world grid at large. Iceland is no exception. The land is like a young creative mother, the energy: raw, wild, and honest. It is the land of fire and ice, an alchemical mystery island surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean ~ A Divine Eye in the Sea.  

Here, the four physical elements play with each other in a breathtaking symphony, calling forth the fifth element of Spirit within and all around. It is an island of sharp contrasts where the opposite forces come together in pure creation. 



As we journey into this beautiful country, under the full moon in September of  2019, we will be entering a transformational place of power and honesty.

Iceland‘s energy is potent, almost tangible, and the unique landscapes mesmerizing; black lava fields and soft mossy hills, marvelous waterfalls and bubbling hot springs, pouting geysers and active volcanoes under our feet! The whole island serves as a sacred nature temple, a radiant north star guiding us to the center of our authentic selves.




Northern Light Inn – Single or Twin Occupancy w/private bath.



Head straight from the airport to your hotel near The Blue Lagoon. There you can store your luggage with the concierge whilst you spend the afternoon soaking in the amazing thermal waters of the infamous velvety blue waters. Our Welcoming Gathering will be held in the Blue Lagoon building late in the afternoon, before dinner.

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In the Blue Lagoon we will allow ourselves the time and space for all our group members to arrive and unwind and soak in the utter deliciousness of this world renowned bathing lake.


The warm water is rich in silica, algae, and minerals which soothe both body and mind. You can have lunch, at your leisure, in one of the Blue Lagoon’s restaurants. After a beautiful restorative day in the healing waters, it will be time to head back to Northern Light Inn to check-in at 3.pm.

Northern Light Inn is surrounded by picturesque black lava fields and soft green moss and is situated next to the power plant the Blue Lagoon owes its magic to. We have specifically chosen to spend our arrival day near the Blue Lagoon as to provide an enveloping atmosphere for us to harmonize our subtle energies, ground ourselves and let go of any residue fatigue we may have in our bodies after travelling. In the lagoon and during our welcoming gathering we can allow ourselves to completely relax into the embrace of this sacred new land that is welcoming us with open arms.


After our welcoming gathering a table will be waiting for us at Blue Lagoon’s Lava restaurant where we can enjoy an à la carte dinner together on our first night. Northern Light Inn offers free shuttle bus to and from the Blue Lagoon.


Flight Recommendation: The program for Wednesday September 11th is based on participants flying in before or around noon this day or having already arrived days earlier. Recommended Flight Search Engine: www.dohop.com 




Héraðsskólinn at Laugarvatn – Single or Twin Occupancy w/shared bathroom facilities.



On Thursday morning we will leave the Blue Lagoon area and embark on our Sacred Elemental Journey into the Golden Circle. We will drive the ocean route, and stop for lunch at The Blue Sea restaurant with spectacular panoramic views. This day is dedicated to visiting Iceland’s most renowned nature pearls. We begin by visiting beautiful Kerið, a 6.500-year-‘young’ volcano crater lake. Then we will journey to the cascading Golden Falls (Gullfoss) and afterwards the Great Geysir geothermal area where the iconic fountain geyser Strokkur erupts every 6-10 minutes up to 15-20 meters high.

On our Golden Circle Elemental Journey, we will be sharing and communicating with the four sacred elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, which opens our hearts to the magical unknown, the creative peace within and all around ~ Our pure potential in matter and spirit.

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Towards the evening we will be entering the small village of Laugarvatn which will be our home and hold sacred space for us for the next four nights. The village is beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Laugarvatn or ‘The Bathing Lake’ in the heart of The Golden Circle. We will be staying in one of Iceland’s most famous buildings Héraðsskólinn idyllically overlooking the lake. The original school house built in1928 has served as a foundation for educational and cultural advancements throughout Icelandic history including hosting a famous Nobel writer as its guest. In 2014 it was renovated into a one-of-its-kind boutique hostel, preserving the charm of the old days. 


Sites: Blue Sea Restaurant. Kerið. Gullfoss. Geysir geothermal area. Laugarvatn.




Héraðsskólinn at Laugarvatn – Single or Twin Occupancy w/shared bathroom facilities.



Full day at Laugarvatn grounding, healing, relaxing, releasing, letting go, loving, breathing ...

Guided by the soft and supportive energy of Thórey Viðars our yoga and yoga dance teacher and crystal singing bowls sound healer, you will be invited to go on a transformational inner journey of releasing the old, making way for the new!

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Through free flow dance, laughing, soft yoga stretches, deep relaxation and healing sound meditation, Thórey will support you in letting go of that which no longer serves you, making space for more lightness in your life. With flowing meditation and sound healing she will guide you to calm your mind and listen to the Temple of your Soul, your miraculous body, both during movement and stillness. This day is also perfect for enjoying silence and time alone, a walk by the lake or a hike up the little forest trail opposite Héraðsskólinn. The hike offers a beautiful view over the lake and the surrounding landscapes.    

On this Friday the 13th, Venus and Sacred Goddess Day, we will allow yourself to be swept into ecstatic heart-centeredness and give your soul the room to breathe in love and gratitude and exhale everything that no longer serves. Let your hair down and celebrate your freedom on this Friday of Self-Love & Compassion 

Laugarvatn Fontana Geothermal Baths is only a few minutes walking distance from Héraðsskólinn. After an embracing day of self-love and reflection, we highly recommend ending the day relaxing in the warm waters. The steam saunas at Fontana have also become notorious for their authenticity, as the steam does not come in through pipes, but straight up from the earth and through the floorboards. You can hear the earth rumble under your feet! 

Sites: Laugarvatn retreat day. Lake and forest path. Fontana Geothermal Baths.




Héraðsskólinn at Laugarvatn – Single or Twin Occupancy w/shared bathroom facilities.



Soft morning movement and meditation & the intention set for the day.

Journeying the South Coast with spectacular natural wonders and ceremonies of the heart. 

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Sacred Nature Immersion Day ♡ Full Moon

Saturday will be our longest excursion day, with beautiful sites and inspiring natural wonders. A perfect opportunity to embrace our inner explorer, the brave and humble journeyer who’s ready for the unknown and travels with an open mind and heart. Under the influence of the illuminating Full Moon, we will allow ourselves to go one level deeper in communication with Mother Iceland, journeying with the soulful intention to recognize our own authenticity in her mirroring depths. Hence, our Earth-guides on this quest will be the renowned magical waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss and the magnificent Reynisfjara beach. The striking beauty of this black volcano beach is enhanced by the iconic basalt column cliffs and the view over Reynisdrangar, dramatic spiky rock stacks jutting out from the sea. The nature we will encounter on this Sacred Immersion Day is truly moving and awe-inspiring.


At 9 p.m. we will sit in circle, and tune into and partake in the monthly Harmony Full Moon Peace Meditation where meditators from around Iceland (and other countries) meet in Spirit to meditate and pray for Peace within and without for the greatest good.  

Sites: Seljalandsfoss. Skógafoss. Reynisfjara.




Héraðsskólinn at Laugarvatn – Single or Twin Occupancy w/shared bathroom facilities.



On Sunday morning after soft morning movements and meditation we will journey with Sóley and Helga to Thingvellir National Park, where we will explore this beautiful nature temple referred to as ‘The Heart of the Icelandic Nation’. We will breathe deeply with Mother Nature and communicate with her as the Individuals of Oneness we innately are. In the afternoon we will partake in Helga's Colors of Light art workshop where we are invited to let go of any pre-conceived ideas about art or art making we may have and simply listen to our hearts and flow with our souls music. 

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Thingvellir, this beloved sacred site holds great historical and geographical significance. It is where the oldest parliament in the world was established in 930. It sits on a rift valley separating the Eurasian and the North American tectonic plates whose turbulent interactions formed Iceland, but the island first appeared over the ocean surface about 16 to 18 million years ago. That is how ‘young’ the creative Icelandic mother is. A New Earth in its truest sense!


Thingvellir is a site of deep wisdom, and if we listen carefully and are open to its symbolism, we can experience profound revelations about our truest essence, inner life, source and purpose. It is like a mirror of truth, revealing information about our human psyche, our regenerative nature and the interconnectedness between spirit and matter. The cycle of life.


Art of the Soul & Colors of Light

In the afternoon, when we have returned from our sacred journey to Thingvellir, we will continue to be in the care of beautiful Helga, immersed in her Art of the Soul’s painting workshop she calls Colors of Light. As an intuitive artist Helga has been offering her art workshops for 30 years helping people to listen and express their soul’s light through painting with pastel on velour paper. You will be invited to flow with joy and experience yourself immersed in the eternal now. It is pure pleasure to sense how the pastel crayon runs smoothly over the soft velour, giving you the feeling for absolute flow and freedom. You will need no art experience for this workshop. It is beautifully rewarding for both beginners and professional painters alike, as it is all about allowing yourself to flow and communicate with your higher self. You are playing with the colors in connection with your heart and soul.


Farewell Dinner and Gathering at Héraðsskólinn

In the evening we will enjoy our last evening together, celebrate our 're-union of souls' and the beautiful days we have had together.

We will gather in our embracing circle of new friends in joy, sacredness and open-heartedness. 


Sites: Thingvellir. Laugarvatn.




Soft morning movement and meditation

Departure Laugarvatn → Reykjavík


DEPARTURE from Héraðsskólinn at 11.00 am. 

Estimated time of arrival in Reykjavík at 12.30 pm.