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Wild & Poetic

Your Sanctuary in the North

Some places are ideally suited for spiritual journeying, learning, and remembering deep essential truths about life’s mysteries. About one’s inner self and beauty

~ The universal essence.


Iceland, this pure and powerful nature temple high up in the north on our globe, is one of those places. By nature’s hand, the whole island is a sacred site potent with wisdom.

A Gateway to Your Soul

Hello beautiful one!

My name is Sóley and I am the founder of Sacred Iceland, travel community. Together with my family and friends, we're building the Sacred Iceland platform for the spiritually conscious traveller. It is for soulful people like you! It is being built to assist you connecting with kindred spirits in Iceland, and for you get ideas for where to go, what to do, where to shop, dine, sleep and play whilst you are here.


With its fully functioning community platform, this website, this virtual temple, will serve as a deep well of information and inspiration for your spiritual and soulful well-being journey in Iceland. Along with sharing with you about deep nourishing events, we will also feature cuisine, art, culture and music, everything that can support you on your inner & outer journey in Iceland. Browse, read and connect! Our mission with the platform is that you will have the most enjoyable, nourishing and fulfilling time in sacred Iceland.


On behalf of us founders and future community members, I wish you wonderment on your journey.

We estimate to open in 2020. Yours sincerely, Sóley ♡


We are not able to accept inquiries for custom made experiences or travel suggestions. Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates. Thank you for your understanding.


We estimate to open the platform in 2020

Sacred Iceland

Sacred Iceland EHF.


Kambahraun 33, 810 Hveragerdi, Iceland

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accept inquiries for custom made experiences or for travel suggestions. Please join our mailing list to receive news. Thank you for your understanding 


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